Below is a selection of testimonials our clients have given us.

We highly recommend Stian and have done so with plenty of friends and neighbours with dog issues. Stian teaches yes and no (a balanced trainer) and our dog loves him… we’ve bumped into him on the street sometimes and it’s made me wonder if our dog loves him more than us . Anyone who says he doesn’t treat dogs with love and care needs to get their head checked… after 5 minutes in his presence you will quickly realise he genuinely loves dogs and wants to see them thrive in our human world.

– Jess & Roxy

Highly recommend Stian especially if you have a reactive dog!! We had positive reinforcement only training before. It was a 8 lesson course and we had to stop on the fourth because we didn’t see much improvement. And the daily walk was a real struggle.
Whereas with Stian, we learnt how to clearly communicate to our dog what’s ok and what’s not ok. You pretty much only need that one and only private lesson!
Our resuce girl used to go nuts seeing a dog across a football field. And now we are walking pass dogs across the street, we are walking pass roaming cats, and we’ve already got her a few friends she can walk side by side with!

– Katrina & Pillow

Stian gives me hope when I had very little! We adopted a 5 year old boy with a few behavioural challenges, and I was a bit lost on how to tackle it. Stian worked absolute magic in our first session! He has helped plan a path forward for us with very clear training methods and strategies to help my beautiful beast become a bit less beastly. Stian is very responsive and active with following up to make sure everyone is travelling well.
I couldn’t recommend him enough, you won’t regret bringing this master of puppies into your life!

– Bec & Murphy

We have a puppy Cairn terrier, Wilma, who we thought was destined to be a nervous and stubborn dog. We bought Stian on board to help Wilma become more independent and less fearful. Just one session was so incredibly helpful – Stian explained a bit of doggy psychology to us and showed us how we can continually implement patience and training for ongoing results. He showed us a variety of techniques to practise and we’ve been able to use what works best for us and Wilma. Stian’s reasoning of his training techniques helped us understand how to treat Wilma and her behaviour has improved exponentially. Her confidence has grown and we’ll continue to use and seek out Stian’s advice.

– Ellen & Wilma

I spent hundreds of dollars on so called positive reinforcement/ positve only training (10 or so 1 on 1 lessons) before I found Stein. Here is my conclusion, positive only is great for teaching new behaviour and solidify learnt behaviour but HOPELESS in correcting/changing learnt behaviour.
This is what Stian uses like 70-80% of time and the magic lies in the rest. My dog had ONE lesson with Stian, straight away my reactive dog improved and my handling skills and understanding of my dog also improved exponentially. I put this down to effective communication and understanding of dog communication and behaviour. If you spent hundreds of dollars on dog training lessons and medication, I highly recommend Stian for your dog.

– Timothy & Pillow

I’ve worked with Stian on a number of occasions, with both my own dog and different fosters, all high-drive dogs with various levels of hyperarousal or anxiety issues.
With a calm approach, and a genuine appreciation for the comfort levels and understanding of both dog and handler, Stian teaches and demonstrates all the skills you need to set yourself and your dog up for success.
There doesn’t seem to be a problem too big or small to solve, and there’s always time and patience for questions. With Stian, you get the help of a genuine person with a very practical and fair approach to dog training and handling. I have and will continue to recommend Beautiful Beasts to anyone who needs help figuring out how to build a positive relationship with their dog.
Thanks for all your help so far, mate. Keep up the good work.

– Carolina & Cricket

Stian at Beautiful Beasts has been central in helping us to train our “difficult” Rottweiler. He has the abilities of a great trainer with the dogs, but more importantly he can train owners. He is clear, kind and flexible in his approach to find solutions that create happy, obedient animals. Stian finds solutions that others can’t. I heartily recommend Beautiful Beasts to anyone wanting to build a better relationship with their dog, and teach their dog in a clear way that really works.

– Peter & Lilith

My high energy, high prey drive, rescue pup and I attended one of Stian’s group classes today and he was absolutely amazing! We’ve predominantly been using positive reinforcement training but honestly my dog needed structure, direction, and an intervention. I’m now feeling more confident in my handling and ability to correct her and am looking forward to our future together, rather than feeling anxious about her reactive behaviors.

– Rachael & Roo

We attended the e-collar workshop with our beautiful big boy Dex, and Stian demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience about how to help us and our boy to have a much more happy and relaxed life. 7 hours that was also hugely entertaining! Thank you Beautiful Beasts.

– Amanda & Dexter

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stian and his team both one on one and in classes and he is brilliant. The wealth of his knowledge and passion for dogs comes across clearly and the difference post training with our dog is insane, both dog and owners feel comfortable and confident. He concisely explains behaviours and how to thoughtfully correct them. Highly recommend.

– Paloma & Mirri

Stian has brought great calm to both me any recently adopted rescue Honey. When I was near tears and feeling out of sorts, he was always there to provide advice and let me know things would get better. I am constantly complimented now by Honey’s demeanour and how quickly she has settled. All of that I attribute to the amazing work Stian has done, and the tools he has provided Honey and I with.

– Ellie & Honey

Stian was an absolutely instrumental role in helping my Swiss Shepherd Tofu and the family to understand each other. Despite growing up with and around dogs, we’d had no experience raising a puppy, and despite how prepared we thought we were before be brought her home there were many uncertainties that popped up. Stian was able to come visit us at our home at flexible times which was so helpful with my families different work schedules. He helped explain to us why Tofu would be behaving certain ways, and what we could do to help her thrive. I cannot recommend him enough.

– Natalie & Tofu

Just the best! He helped me so much to get my dogs recall to almost perfect with an E collar and also get her to ignore birds more. Life changing honestly

– Xiao & Frankie

So generous with his time and patience. I learnt so much that I can apply every day in training my dog and bonding with her too. I can’t wait to do more sessions.

– Kym & Olli

Fantastic!!! Has made such a difference in my dog and me, thank you so much Stian!!!

– Tessa & George

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