Shadow of the Beast

Welcome to “SHADOW OF THE BEAST” – a comprehensive shadow program for new and aspiring dog trainers.


With this program, Stian (the Viking dog trainer) and Beautiful Beasts aim to continue educating a new generation of dog trainers and behaviour consultants. This is an exclusive shadow program, starting January 2023. The goal of this program is to give an extensive, hands-on education into the dog training and behaviour modification process, passing on information that has been earned through literal blood, sweat and tears. 


The program is designed to teach students a balanced training style, created for real world application. We don’t believe permanent behaviour modification results can be achieved through positive reinforcement only, but we want to show how it can be done in way where all quadrants are used humanely and effectively, based on the LIMA principles (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive).
All applicants will need to go through an application process and only five (5) candidates will be given the opportunity. The only requirement to apply, is that you have read the book Excel–Erated Learning‘ by Pamela Reid before the program starts (this is not a requirement if you have undertaken a prior certified course in dog training). We aim to make this a yearly program, where five people are offered a position each year. 


1 x Group chat discussing learning theory (based on ‘Excel-erated Learning’)
Cranky Canines aggression seminar (online, followed by group Zoom Q&A)
Puppy development workshop (2 hours)
Electric collar workshop (2 hours)
Leash handling and equipment workshop (1 hour)
Play & Prey workshop (2 hours)
4 x 1-on-1 sessions, shadowing Stian on real jobs
Join as many group classes as you want over a 6 week period (puppy, obedience and reactive dogs, run back to back, once a week)
Unlimited Beastly Walks – an ongoing socialisation walk for our clients – in the year the program runs
Lifetime access to the Beautiful Beasts Community Page (Facebook)


The full cost of the entire program is $2,750 AUD.


If you are interested in joining the program, please apply by clicking the button below.

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