Can I Pat that Dog?

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Join Frankie and Russell on their quest to make new dog friends. Along the way Frankie learns that not all dogs want to play and that there is one very important question that we always need to ask…


Paperback book. Printed in NSW, on Revive Laser which is 100% recycled, and is manufactured from FSC® recycled certified fibre, in Australia.

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Educating children on the best ways to interact with dogs is vital to ensuring the safety of both child and dog. Can I Pat that Dog? Takes the reader through a series of interactions and scenarios to help kids understand elements of dog behaviour and body language, and the best ways to interact with unfamiliar dogs. Aiming to be both educational and entertaining, this picture book takes the form of a social story, so it is also helpful for children with autism or developmental delay. A great book for everyone who loves dogs and those who don’t… yet.

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