If you’re dealing with a more complicated Beast, or you just learn better by yourself,
a private consult may be the best way to go.

Beautiful Beasts specialises in high drive dogs, puppy development, aggression rehabilitation and behaviour modification, but we work with any breed, any behaviour, any problem. 

With new clients, we always do an introductory session, where we come to your place or a place of your
choosing to run the session.
These sessions go for roughly 1.5-2 hours and costs $250 (inc. GST).

The Puppy Beast

There is nothing quite like staring into the bulging, excited eyes of a tiny puppy, as it wobbles towards you, tripping on the over-sized chew toy in its mouth, before attacking you with its tongue in an endless barrage of slobber.

But raising a puppy to be a strong and balanced individual, requires much more than just love and a smile. Environmental exposure, confidence building, appropriate play, controlling drive, toilet training, teething, nipping and oh so much more.

Looks like we’ve got quite a bit to get on with!

The Boisterous Beast

Imagine this scenario; You start putting on your shoes and your dog starts whining. You put on your coat and he starts jumping up and down, barking as he goes. And when you grab your keys, he is just about ready to go into cardiac arrest. Sound familiar?

Hyper-arousal in dogs can lead to many undesirable scenarios; guests being jumped on, incessant pulling on the lead, dog-to-dog reactivity, kids being bawled over, separation anxiety and so on.

Let’s turn the heat down to stop your dog from boiling over.

The Angry Beast

Snarling, lunging, barking, snapping. Watching your beloved puppy roll its eyes and flare its lips is a truly humbling experience, and seeing the true predatory nature behind your dog’s eyes, can be terrifying.

Fight or flight. We’ve all heard the phrase, but do we truly understand it? It boils behaviour down to two simple states of mind, but what it doesn’t explain, is how we get there. Most dogs react in an aggressive manner due to fear and chances are it has worked for them in the past, so the behaviour then becomes more likely to occur again.

We need to find the root of the problem, show the dog that the old ways won’t work anymore, and turn the habit on its head.

The Anxious Beast

We have all experienced that feeling. Our hearts sink in our chests, our stomach ties into a knot, sweat breaks out despite sub-zero temperatures and our lungs suddenly cannot get enough oxygen.

Despite a dog’s immense ability to adapt, the world they now live in is created for humans, not for canines. That can be very confusing and frightening for our pets. So we need to work out what troubles your pooch and find a way to teach them how to better handle the situation.

Because a life of fear, is not a beautiful life.

The Working Beast

Have you got a powerful dog that acts unruly? Well, chances are that your dog needs a job to do!

Working dogs need to work, it is as simple as that. Without some place to put that power and energy, the dog can often end up feeling stressed, anxious and even reactive. Giving your dog the clarity it needs and to “employ” them as nature intended, is crucial in order to have a happy and content dog.

Let’s put that V8 engine into gear!

The Foster Beast

Each year many dogs end up in shelters around Australia. Then there are the great men and women, who sacrifice their time, property, love and, sometimes, their couch to help those who need it most.

We are dedicated to helping those who help and get even more dogs out of shelters, and into permanent homes. So we are offering discounted rates when helping anyone who is fostering through a registered group.

Please keep up the amazing work and get in touch should your foster need some guidance outside of the shelter.

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