A Conversation With Dog

Beautiful Beasts is a dog training and behaviour modification company, located in Melbourne, Australia. We work with dogs and their owners, utilising a balanced training approach, to build a strong bond and understanding between man and his very best friend. We leave anthropomorphism at the door and start creating a language which both you and your pooch can understand.

Whether you’ve recently picked up a puppy beast, or your long term companion has suddenly turned into an anxious beast, we can help you find balance and turn your current beast, into a beautiful one.



Dealing with aggression, anxiety, destruction or other problem behaviours?

Dogs are smart, opportunistic and highly sociable beasts. They are a gift to mankind. But active brains and a strong desire for companionship, can lead to problem behaviours if not properly fulfilled. Let us help you work out your dogs issues.


Are you walking your dog, or is your dog walking you?

Obedience is an absolute must for every dog and owner. Come, sit, drop and heel is the beginning of a beautiful working relationship, and proper leash handling is a necessary skill to speak to your dog. Whether you’re looking to just learn the basics, or if you want to increase your dog’s current obedience, we can help.


The best way to prevent problems with any dog, is to raise them properly.

Puppies go through enormous change and development in the first 12 months of their lives. Through environmental exposure, understanding critical periods, classical- and operant conditioning, we can help you raise a beautifully balanced pooch.

Beautiful Beasts Training Philosophy

There is a common saying in the dog training industry;

“There are as many ways to train a dog, as there are dog trainers in the world.”

We have outlined our training philosophy for you right here, so you can find out what makes us tick.

Ready to get you Beautiful Beast on track?

We offer a wide range of training services. Whether it’s to get you and your pup off to a great start, or get you and an old friend back on track again, we are here to help.

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